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What is the meaning of amplifiable in Hindi?

Meaning of amplifiable in Hindi is :

Definition of word amplifiable

  • Capable of being amplified. (adjective)
    प्रवर्धित होने में सक्षम।

Examples of word amplifiable

  • The artificial DNA might be applied to a future extra cellular genetic system with information storage and amplifiable abilities.
  • Nevertheless, I seem to myself to have lighted on a rich and little-cultivated corner; imagining that the subject is a good one, because still untouched, founded on facts, and with amplifiable variations that border on the probable.
  • The BHK-21 line has been utilized as a host for transformation with expression vectors containing selectable and amplifiable marker DNAs and is also useful for transfections.
  • This was intended to be a portable, amplifiable version of the Cembalo, or Harpsichord.
  • Whether the apparent low concentrations of prions amplifiable from the obex of the urine/feces recipients could represent a persistent non-pathogenic prion carrier state, or rather (perhaps more likely) indicates that an observation period far exceeding 19 months would be required to reveal ultimately pathogenic prion infections in these animals, remains undetermined.
  • It does so by exploiting the unique properties of IFCs to detect only amplifiable molecules within the sample mixture.