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What is the meaning of ampleness in Hindi?

Meaning of ampleness in Hindi is : विपुलता

Definition of word ampleness

  • The property of being ample. (noun)
    भरपूर होने का गुण।

Examples of word ampleness

  • Are you really a lean, mean killing machine or does that long, flowing cape hide a certain ampleness in the imperial posterior?
  • A 4 x 8 sheet of plywood would hide most of her 'ampleness'.
  • Money will disappear, or be reduced to a very marginal role, only when the need for it has disappeared or reduced to marginal goods, when abundance or rather "ampleness" has been reached for produced goods.
  • Yet, as she returned, the high pose of head, the level-lidded gaze of her long brown eyes under royal arches of eyebrows, the softly set lines of her small mouth that fairly sang sweetness of kisses after sixty-eight years — all made her the very picture of a chiefess of old Hawaii full-bursting through her ampleness of haole blood.
  • The ampleness and attitude of Albert was always going to be the big story this offseason, whether he was svelte or slovenly, fit or completely out of shape and huge -- real big, like, Gulf oil-spill big.
  • Ramiro leaned his ampleness back on his long-suffering horse and laughed.
  • Said ampleness was apparently not enough cushioning to compensate for speed of descent, and being dragged a few feet, so our tailbone is more than a little bruised.
  • They seem as proud of the ampleness of their 'booty' as there ability to shake it.
  • I live in a culture that evaluates my every curve, wrinkle, and hair on my head; the size of my lips; the droop of the skin under my upper arms; the breadth of my thighs and hips; the ampleness of my breasts; literally every one of my physical attributes against an emaciated, youth-obsessed, plastic-surgery-altered, impossible standard of beauty.
  • Very soon it was clear that the same spirit of ampleness and emotional clarity that animates “Hands Clean” pours off the album.