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What is the meaning of ample in Hindi?

Meaning of ample in Hindi is : व्यापक

Definition of word ample

  • Large; great in size, extent, capacity, or bulk; spacious; roomy; widely extended. (adjective)
    बड़ा; आकार, सीमा, क्षमता, या थोक में महान; विशाल; विशाल; व्यापक रूप से विस्तारित।

Examples of word ample

  • Cleavage is often preceded by the term "ample" and one customarily "sports" it.
  • Despite what he describes as his ample "rhythm and sex appeal," boxing champion Floyd Mayweather only managed to finish ninth in season five.
  • One strategist I talked to said that he should use what he calls his ample capital he has left to address this issue -- John.
  • Keegan tells an old story in ample, uncomplicated prose and the scale of the book is well judged, sufficient to allow for richness of detail and depth of analysis without overhwhelming the reader.
  • Or you could look into hydrogen because even though natural gas is in ample amounts … it will run out.
  • Gold bullion is the one investment and long-term store of value which cannot be adversely impacted by corrupt corporate management or incompetent politicians -- each of which are in ample supply on a global basis.