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What is the meaning of amounted in Hindi?

Meaning of amounted in Hindi is :

Definition of word amounted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of amount. (verb)

Examples of word amounted

  • Sam stood in the doorway; his expression amounted to one big disapproving frown.
  • Palin's careless use of the term amounted to trivializing the historical tragedy of the
  • He complained after a reporter described him in an article as a "double espresso of a politician," suggesting that the term amounted to an anti-Italian slur.
  • -- and that was about all that a title amounted to anyway.
  • When Michel kept repeating what in French amounted to "banana pants" slip, a masculine noun, means "underwear" I got the clue that he was only pulling the waitress's leg.
  • Philosophical literature in English amounted to a few monographs and a single collection of papers devoted solely, or largely, to questions to do with terrorism.
  • Abul Gheit at the time said the call amounted to "unacceptable interference" in Egyptian affairs.