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  • By this first nutriment thus prepared for the embryon is not meant the liquor amnii, which is produced afterwards, nor the larger exterior parts of the white of the egg; but the fluid prepared, I suppose, in the ovary of viviparous animals, and that which immediately surrounds the cicatricula of an impregnated egg, and is visible to the eye in a boiled one.
  • By their force the liquor amnii flows out, the head of the fÅ“tus is engaged in the pelvis, it goes through it, and soon passes out by the valve, the folds of which disappear.
  • When first formed the amnion is in contact with the body of the embryo, but about the fourth or fifth week fluid (liquor amnii) begins to accumulate within it.
  • The liquor amnii increases in quantity up to the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy, after which it diminishes somewhat; at the end of pregnancy it amounts to about 1 liter.
  • That some of the liquor amnii is swallowed by the fetus is proved by the fact that epidermal debris and hairs have been found among the contents of the fetal alimentary canal.
  • The placenta weighed 4 pounds, and there was an ordinary pailful of liquor amnii.
  • Cosentino 3.57 mentions a case of the absence of liquor amnii associated with a fetal monstrosity.
  • Harley and Tanner 1.253 speak of a woman of thirty-eight who never had borne twins, and who aborted a fetus of four months 'gestation; serious hemorrhage accompanied the removal of the placenta, and on placing the hand in the uterine cavity an embryo of five or six weeks was found inclosed in a sac and floating in clear liquor amnii.
  • The membranes had not been ruptured, and still enclosed the fetus and the liquor amnii.
  • Burrall 3.53 mentions a case of labor without apparent liquor amnii, delivery being effected by the forceps.