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What is the meaning of amn't in Hindi?

Meaning of amn't in Hindi is :

Definition of word amn't

  • Contraction of am not. (phrase)

Examples of word amn't

  • December 16, 2009 3: 25 AM amn't is an old form of english.
  • But who am I to talk, amn't I on the same road now myself?
  • We find both am I not and amn't I - the latter usage still the colloquial norm today in Irish English and some Scots.
  • Each of my three children used the contraction "amn't".
  • Fowler prescribed "a'n't" and not "amn't", for the reason of euphony you gave.
  • I was years out of university before I discovered that most non-Irish people don't say "amn't", and years more before I found any Irish people who don't.
  • It should be noted that it is not used in the form 'I amn't cold.'
  • Rather, it is used properly in 'I am drawing well amn't I?
  • I wouldn't consider amn't any more colloquial than other -n't contractions.