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What is the meaning of amicable in Hindi?

Meaning of amicable in Hindi is : हिला मिला

Definition of word amicable

  • Showing friendliness or goodwill. (adjective)
    मित्रता या सद्भावना दिखाना।

Examples of word amicable

  • After his East Londonderry victory Mr McClarty described his treatment by the party as "shocking" but has since held what he described as "amicable talks" with the UUP party leader.
  • Goodguide is a approved B Corporation, a brand brand brand brand new kind of craving which uses commercial operation to instigate certain amicable as great as ecological change.
  • "Consumers control a content today, so it's vicious for brands to establish themselves as great corporate citizens," pronounced Levy. "2009 saw brands coming up with campaigns to strech people in amicable media, as great as campaigns began to focus upon what consumers caring about, not only what's vicious to a brands."
  • Needless to say, there was a disagreement, which I'm happy to report has been resolved in amicable fashion, but I keep wondering, what if the random number generator picked $500 instead of $100?
  • The British Government of India had acknowledged this Regency, and was desirous to retain amicable relationship with the Punjaub, but in the middle of the year 1845, so unruly and clamorous for war was the Sikh army, all negotiations terminated, and a state of uncertainty ensued which made it necessary for British India, without declaring hostility, to place itself on a footing to resist it, should so mad an enterprise ensue.
  • Peters on his knees, engaged in amicable conversation.
  • Mr. Ayrton said the best way to defend and preserve Canada would be to maintain amicable relations with the
  • Has this evident desire to maintain amicable relations with us been fairly met on this side of the water?