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What is the meaning of amiable in Hindi?

Meaning of amiable in Hindi is : स्नेही

Definition of word amiable

  • Friendly; kind; sweet; gracious; as, an amiable temper or mood; amiable ideas. (adjective)
    मिलनसार; मेहरबान; मिठाई; दयालु; के रूप में, एक मिलनसार स्वभाव या मनोदशा; मिलनसार विचार।

Examples of word amiable

  • “Buzz, do you think that the phrase amiable strangers is apt?”
  • At times, they moved in amiable opposition, one pausing watchfully while the other spiraled to higher altitudes.
  • "Taking a break from his sermonising trilogy on American values, The Boss of It All finds Lars Von Trier in amiable and comedic mood, spinning out a plot that explores several of his favourite hobbyhorses: following individuals attempting to escape from reason, poking fun at group dynamics, and deflating actors 'egos."
  • I should have written, "... and spent an hour in amiable CONVERSATION ..."
  • We were given an excellent tour by Conchita Tena, and spent an hour in amiable while seated on the terrace, sipping agua fresca de guayba.
  • "Champagner-Oper" [ "Champagne Opera."] and in order to justify this title our amiable Intendant proposes to regale the whole theater with a few dozens of champagne in the second act, in order to spirit up the chorus.
  • Keen runner Kevin Edwards, 37, who had been reported missing on Sunday, was called "amiable" and "friendly" by his family in Llanberis.