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What is the meaning of always in Hindi?

Meaning of always in Hindi is : हरदम

Definition of word always

  • At all times; ever; perpetually; throughout all time; continually. (adverb)
    हर समय; कभी; सदा; हर समय; लगातार।

Examples of word always

  • This is something I know but always need to be reminded about: I *always* fall into the do-well/earn-money sector when I really want to be at want-to-do/earn-money!
  • Starchy foods like rice, noodles and the like always *always* either remain stuck to the plate they were on or get washed off and end up drying to something else.
  • I've got to reveal a little bias towards Sheridan, as while I was doing the rounds of dancing competitions she was always there, everywhere from Cleethorpes to London, and she was *always* standing out.
  • You have to be on guard always about fish bought in the supermarkets..always I never venture near the fish counter in any markets...always refrozen etc.
  • But they all just stood and knelt around looking at me, as if it were up to me to know, to do, to be the resourceful man in all those films who always took the lead, always…
  • "Always quarrelling, always quarrelling!" iterated Jackson, but this time unheard by Mrs. Rogers -- "_always_, perpetually quarrelling!"
  • But then he _always_ breakfasted between twelve and three, or a little later on special occasions, and always dined at half past six, or thereabouts, taking two cups of strong coffee in bed every morning, though he never allowed himself but one, and died in the belief that he had never broken the pledge.
  • They always try to be good, always, _always_ -- the more fools they!
  • "Always quarrelling, always quarrelling!" remarked Jackson, pointedly, towards the bystanders -- "_always_ quarrelling!"