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What is the meaning of although in Hindi?

Meaning of although in Hindi is : हालांकि

Definition of word although

  • Though, even though, in spite of the fact that: introducing a clause that expresses a concession. (conjunction)

Examples of word although

  • Reasons for reading: the title although I confess I thought it was "Militant Housewives" until the end of the book; mystery for the Triple 8 Challenge; Michael Bond created Paddington Bear!
  • Last year she had the misfortune to be in the path of Venus Williams' rampage to the title although she did play a stirring match against Nicole Vaidisova in the quarterfinal the round before her thumping loss to Venus.
  • Frank calls him Jedgar sometimes and the Director likes the name although he never lets on—it is medieval and princely and wily-dark.
  • And while the film is more butterfly effect the the miscommunication implied by the title although that is there to a lesser degree, things comes together in a quite sophisticated way – a sharp and edgy blend of melodrama and pathos that dwarfs attempts at such by several other filmmakers and or compilation projects.
  • As you say his ability to evoke a mood and create wonderful out of the ordinary page layouts coupled with superb detailed art makes him THE best artist associated with the title although he was around at the wrong end of the titles run so he'll always be overshadowed by gulacy in most peopl's eyes.
  • I don't consider myself a conservative in the true, traditional meaning of the term although I regularly get mistaken for one, but it is possible to be both conservative and intelligent.
  • But he LOVES to speak in English, although is English is often an inaccurate translation of his Arabic thoughts.