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What is the meaning of alpenstock in Hindi?

Meaning of alpenstock in Hindi is :

Definition of word alpenstock

  • a stout adjustable walking stick with a metal point, used by mountain climbers and walkers in hilly or uneven terrain (noun)
    पहाड़ी या असमान इलाके में पर्वतारोहियों और पैदल चलने वालों द्वारा उपयोग किए जाने वाले धातु बिंदु के साथ एक कठोर समायोज्य चलने वाली छड़ी

Examples of word alpenstock

  • You see, the alpenstock is his trophy; his name is burned upon it; and if he has climbed a hill, or jumped a brook, or traversed a brickyard with it, he has the names of those places burned upon it, too.
  • She accepted the "alpenstock" gratefully and soon found it useful for both purposes.
  • The picture of him limned itself on her inner vision, and before she was aware she was pleasuring in the memory of the grace of his magnificent body, of his splendid shoulders, of the power in him that tossed her lightly on a horse, bore her safely through the thundering breakers, or towed her at the end of an alpenstock up the stern lava crest of the House of the Sun.
  • She waved her alpenstock, and as he doffed his cap, rounded the brink and disappeared.
  • In addition, she carried for alpenstock the willow pole of Neepoosa.
  • She advances over the upland, jumps over the brook, with the aid of her alpenstock, and climbs up the hillock.
  • Every lady had her guide and alpenstock, every man had his alpenstock, and all of us were strapped round our waists to hold on to each other.
  • Once I slipped, and my legs fell in, and my alpenstock; but I clung to the stump till hauled up.