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What is the meaning of alone in Hindi?

Meaning of alone in Hindi is : सिर्फ

Definition of word alone

  • By one's self, solitary. (adjective)
    अपने आप से, एकान्त।
  • By one's self; apart from, or exclusive of, others; solo (adverb)
    अपनों से; दूसरों के अलावा, या अनन्य; एकल

Examples of word alone

    • Granting _alleyn_ to be rightly put for alone, no ancient writer, I apprehend, ever used such a phrase as this; any more than we should now say -- _my son alone_ for _my only son_.
    • We know that we must fight the battle of life and duty alone, we know that we bear our sorrows and bereavements alone, we know that alone we must die, and be judged, and yet, as Christians, we know that Jesus will never leave us, nor forsake us, that He is with us even unto the end of the world, and that when most solitary we are _alone with God_.
    • _Never less alone than when alone_ is a true maxim; but not for travelling; a pleasant companion adds a hundredfold to the pleasures of the journey, especially when the friendship is strong enough to stand the occasional strains on the temper which must occur along wild untrodden paths.
    • Thou art here alone, none knowing, and I-- I _alone_ can save thee.
    • And then -- Ah, there is something terrible in being alone -- _alone_!
    • But the fact of your being here, before me, alone, do you understand, _alone_ in the presence of Arsène
    • I was alone in my bedroom, _and yet I was not alone_!
    • Alas! alas! almost alone, except a few -- to their everlasting honor -- poor faithful women -- _alone!