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What is the meaning of aloe in Hindi?

Meaning of aloe in Hindi is : मुसब्बर

Definition of word aloe

  • The resins of the trees Aquilaria agallocha and Aquilaria malaccensis, known for their fragrant odour (noun)
    पेड़ों के रेजिन एक्विलरिया अगालोचा और एक्विलरिया मैलाकेंसिस, जो अपनी सुगंधित गंध के लिए जाने जाते हैं

Examples of word aloe

  • There are many so-called aloe vera preparations on the market that contain very little of this precious herb.
  • Five compounds were identified and assayed, namely aloe-emodin, chrysophanol, emodin, physcion and rhein.
  • My second joyful memory centres round another thing of beauty -- a spiky agave (miscalled aloe) of monstrous dimensions which may be seen in the garden of a certain hill-side hotel.
  • We cannot forget that, persecuted by conquer-ing Brahmans, and expelled from India, it found, at last, a shelter in Ceylon where it still flourishes like the legendary aloe, which is said to blossom once in its lifetime and then to die, as the root is killed by the exuberance of blossom, and the seeds cannot produce anything but weeds.
  • The alley up which we were moving was planted on each side with that remarkable tree or plant, for I know not which to call it, the giant aloe, which is called in Spanish, pita, and in Moorish, gursean.
  • After all, the aloe was an ugly thing; but it answered my purpose – it made Mrs Luttridge, as I am credibly informed, absolutely weep with vexation.