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What is the meaning of almost in Hindi?

Meaning of almost in Hindi is : लगभग /अधिकतर

Definition of word almost

  • Very close (adverb)
  • Something or someone that doesn't quite make it. (noun)

Examples of word almost

    • Thanks Aria - the chard is almost too lovely to eat..almost;
    • She almost -- not really, but _almost_ -- wished she had gone home with her mother.
    • They might come and ask him questions, and he might even admit almost all -- _almost_ all, and they could do nothing, for no one had seen what he had done to Toni in the wood.
    • Cicero, -- _vox et praeterea almost nihil_ (he had yet to die and show that it was _almost, _ not _quite, _) sheers off too, into the country, there to busy himself with an essay on the _Nature of the Gods_ (to contain, be sure, some fine eloquence), and with making up his mind to attack Anthony on behalf of Republican
    • By the time that Scott came to his 'teens, Mrs. Brenton was doing her level and conscientious best to conceal from him the demoralizing fact of her belief that he could do almost no wrong, and she clung to the modifying _almost_ with a passionate fervour born of her clerical ancestry and her consequent belief in the inherent viciousness of unconverted man.
    • But his own wits were nimble, almost feminine in the rapid delicacy of their intuition -- _almost_ feminine, but not quite.
    • Also there were those who had been almost persuaded, and who yet, so far as their salvation was concerned, were no nearer it that day than though they had never thought of the matter, for _almost_ never saves a soul.
    • But as in other cases among mammals all nearly related forms yield an almost equally marked precipitate, so the serum of a rabbit treated with human blood and then added to the blood of an anthropoid ape gives _almost_ as marked
    • And if, in late old age, no dawn of memory having gleamed in his ruined mind, she came to be able to speak to him and tell him his own story -- the tale of the wreck of his early years -- would not that almost, _almost_, carry with it a kind of compensation for what she had undergone?
    • You say you almost love _him_; but until your _almost_ comes to a _quite_, I cannot love _you_.