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What is the meaning of almanac in Hindi?

Meaning of almanac in Hindi is : प‌ंचाग

Definition of word almanac

  • A book or table listing nautical, astronomical, astrological or other events for the year; sometimes, but not essentially, containing historical and statistical information. (noun)

Examples of word almanac

  • If you would like a guide to other documents available from this almanac information server, send the following one-line message to almanac@. esusda.gov: send ace-catalog
  • A constellation in Hindu almanac is also named after Trishanku.
  • And when someone said, as they always did and still do at this time of year, "I heard the almanac is predicting a lot of snow this winter," I would always say, "Which almanac?"
  • I wonder if anybody on Wall Street has a sports almanac from the future hanging out of their back pocket?
  • Producers realized that casting only hot chicks in a video game related story is the same as being given a sports almanac from the future.


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