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What is the meaning of alluring in Hindi?

Meaning of alluring in Hindi is : मोहक

Definition of word alluring

  • Present participle of allure. (verb)
  • The action of the verb allure. (noun)
    आकर्षण क्रिया की क्रिया।
  • Having the power to allure. (adjective)
    लुभाने की शक्ति रखते हैं।

Examples of word alluring

  • What once was terrifying or alluring is now just the way of the world.
  • The prose of Flaubert, the imagery of Baudelaire, the harmonies of Wagner, Scruton points out, have all been accused of immorality, by those who believe that they paint wickedness in alluring colors.
  • Is it a deliberate recruitment drive by the church; are the robes particularly alluring; is it the funny hats?
  • While Digger men might have found this version of earth-mother femininity alluring from a distance, they would have recoiled from Gaskin's suggestion that "men are supposed to be really chivalrous and ... knightly and help [ 'ladies'] ... to do that."
  • Yeah, but as most any parent knows, simply telling kids NOT to do something alluring is going to be taken as an open dare.
  • Vices the juvenile reader never heard of, are introduced, dressed up in alluring characters, which excite their admiration, their love, their deepest pity; and then they are told that these heroes and heroines were very naughty, and that in the end they were certain to die despised and neglected.
  • My sanguine imagination paints, in alluring colors, the charms of youth and freedom, regulated by virtue and innocence.
  • What’s funny but yet intriguing and so alluring is that structures help but much more meaningful and important are those intangible things within a city that can be endearing.
  • Provocative is when a girl dresses more openly than could be called alluring and couples this with a raunchy attitude plus she goes into situations where she is unprotected and there are not likely to be gentlemen about to help her.