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What is the meaning of allowable in Hindi?

Meaning of allowable in Hindi is : स्वीकार्य

Definition of word allowable

  • Appropriate; satisfactory; acceptable. (adjective)
    उपयुक्त; संतोषजनक; स्वीकार्य।

Examples of word allowable

  • The report uses provincial government records to examine the number of grizzly bears that were killed by humans between 2004 and 2008 and compares them with the province's own limits for what it calls the allowable human-caused mortality rate.
  • “He will be chastened for the maximum term allowable under law if he comes before this court again in connection with the matter in hand,” she said.
  • That is why there was to be no freeze at the beginning, either for prices or for incomes; that is why there was some flexibility in allowable wage increases, for example to protect "historical relationships"; that is why recognition is given to the importance of investments.
  • But given that this is the major reason why dress is important, we can expect and predict much variation in what will be defined as allowable dress.
  • Beyond a certain allowable percentage of unemployment, you cannot go without risking revolution of one sort or another.
  • Jordan Gallagher's sentence was the minimum prison term allowable under the circumstances.
  • "It is our hope that Mexico will pursue his prosecution zealously and that once convicted, Bruce Beresford-Redman will be sentenced to the maximum term allowable by Mexican law."