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What is the meaning of allegorist in Hindi?

Meaning of allegorist in Hindi is : रूपक व्यवहार करनवाला मनुष्य

Definition of word allegorist

  • One who speaks in, or writes, allegories. (noun)
    वह जो बोलता है, या लिखता है, रूपक।

Examples of word allegorist

  • As far as the collector is concerned, his collection is never complete; for let him discover just a single piece missing, and everything he’s collected remains a patchwork, which is what things are for the allegorist from the beginning.
  • Because profundity for the allegorist is, I guess, not a matter of reflection, as it might be for the collector, but rather a flash of illumination which only, after the fact, shines profound light and unforeseen meaning on each affected thing …
  • The allegorist is, as it were, the polar opposite of the collector.
  • Nevertheless – and this is more important than all the differences that may exists between them – in every collector hides an allegorist, and in every allegorist a collector.
  • On the other hand, the allegorist – for whom objects represent only keywords in a secret dictionary, which will make known their meanings to the initiated – precisely the allegorist can never have enough of things.