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What is the meaning of allay in Hindi?

Meaning of allay in Hindi is : हलका करना

Definition of word allay

  • To make quiet or put at rest; to pacify or appease; to quell; to calm. (verb)

Examples of word allay

  • Another fear Obama isn't going to be able to allay is that of the effects of spending a few trillion bucks we don't have: higher taxes, higher national debt, higher inflation ...
  • The government has to do something to kind of allay their fears or we'll never get on track, right?
  • So for Secretary Rice, it's a very delicate balance to kind of allay European concerns, at the same time, not compromise any U.S. intelligence matters.
  • Now all of this is to kind of allay fears that have arisen here, and there's good reason for that.
  • (Isa 9: 5; Ps 50: 3; Hab 3: 5; 2Th 1: 8; 2Pe 3: 7). chariots ... whirlwind -- (Jer 4: 13). render -- as the Hebrew elsewhere (Job 9: 13; Ps 78: 38) means to "allay" or "stay wrath."
  • So, how we address this it's a multiyear project obviously and we will look at it but we will kind of allay some of Horseshoe Canyon budget for the initial couple of years is what it looks right now.