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What is the meaning of all out in Hindi?

Meaning of all out in Hindi is :

Definition of word all out

Examples of word all out

  • In the first scenario—an allout attack with little warning—the United States would experience “practically total economic collapse,” lasting six months to a year.
  • NEW DELHI — Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh offered to appear before a parliamentary committee in the government's latest bid to contain the f allout of a telecom scandal that potentially cost the government $40 billion in lost revenue.
  • Of course I can never do anything plainly, and will probably go allout with dazzle to make a box of some kind, probably costing a m illion times more than the free box, when I add up the glitter and trims.
  • With each stepping on the other's toes, an allout war was inevitable.
  • There were books by Stalinists in English laying it allout.
  • It just wouldnt be right for you to end it allout here.
  • Paraguays new leader will probably need to be ever vigilant against "suicide", "heart attacks", & such ... stay out of planes, trains, cars and for pete sakenever bein the open for any event orreason no matter how benign ... at least until Bush & Co are allout. .and maybe longer.
  • This theft and just allout embezzelment of funds, if it happend at the UN, would have been used to condemm and started a witch hunt of gigantic proportion.
  • And he had never stopped “drinking from a firehose,” another MIT term for going allout in both work and play.

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