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What is the meaning of all in Hindi?

Meaning of all in Hindi is : सारी

Definition of word all

  • intensifier. (adverb)
    तीव्र करना।
  • Every individual or anything of the given class, with no exceptions (the noun or noun phrase denoting the class must be plural or uncountable). (determiner)
    प्रत्येक व्यक्ति या दिए गए वर्ग का कुछ भी, बिना किसी अपवाद के (वर्ग को इंगित करने वाली संज्ञा या संज्ञा वाक्यांश बहुवचन या बेशुमार होना चाहिए)।
  • although (conjunction)

Examples of word all

  • We all know that when we say "Men are animals," a form wholly unquantified in phrase, we speak of _all_ men, but not of all animals: it is _some or all_, some may be all for aught the proposition says.
  • Also, the universities should be allowed to offer as many scholarships as they want — but the caveat is that the entering players *all* are in the upper 50% of the class with SAT and GPA, and not simply the average of all the sports, etc.
  • Cue to last fall, when all the apartment owners in the low rise buildings on the North Road side found out that the big concrete beams of the guideway would cut 50% of their view on the 2nd floor and all of it on the 3rd floor…not to mention that the resale value will go down a lot..all of a sudden a tram looked good..
  • Freddy: No, it's the ironing..all the men I have every enjoyed being with all enjoy ironing.
  • Not to mention all the humor potential *another* gay Arabic translator - are they *all* gay?
  • Yes, we all have to put in work, but we * all* put in work, and as much as possible in equal measures.
  • The answer to all this is Clinton will need to get approximately 235 of the remaining 268 superdelegates, or 90% of * all* the remaining superdelegates for her to get nominated on the first ballot.
  • I will reiterate Muslims love killing Muslims more than anyone, and philosophies of radicalism, puritanism, created the monsters of Terrorism in Islam..thereby destroying all that we stand for..all that we hold upright as Brotherhood and Peace..
  • Problem is, short of erecting a magic barrier that vaporizes all guns upon entering the city limits, how do you propose to enforce such a ban, in such a way that denies *all* people access to guns, not just the law-abiding?
  • October 19, 2009 at 4:48 am good god, man, you of all people deserve a spell…..all work and no play maketh jeff a dull boy…..