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What is the meaning of alike in Hindi?

Meaning of alike in Hindi is : समान रूप से

Definition of word alike

  • Having resemblance or similitude; similar; without difference. (adjective)
    समानता या समानता होना; एक जैसा; अंतर के बिना।
  • In the same manner, form, or degree; in common; equally. (adverb)
    उसी तरह, रूप, या डिग्री; आम में; समान रूप से।

Examples of word alike

    • Nor is the failure of the pursuit wholly to be ascribed to the familiar fact that to Caucasian eyes “all Chinamen look alike, ” but rather to their acting “alike, ” in a body, to defeat discovery at any cost.
    • Thanks to this many-sided usage, together with its religious colouring (“the church called by God”) and the possibilities of personification which it offered, the conception and the term alike rapidly came to the front.
    • I realized that one of the ways we can truly understand the agony and several abuses on the Vagina by men and women alike is to see through the eyes of a Vagina.
    • But since we are tallying “extermination/expulsion of subhuman populations”, one group that somehow that always ignored by so many ‘loving, compassionate’Zoinest Christians and Zionists alike is the Christians of Palestine whose luck was not much better than the Muslim of Palestine either.
    • I think the best way for Jews and Arabs alike, is through a cooperative dismantling of the Apartheid system.
    • Thus America has responded to the enormous challenges the economy faces in the short-term and long-term alike with a complete failure of vision and verve.
    • A big attraction for Mexican and foreign tourists alike is the usually benign weather, at an elevation of 1,245 feet, which in the winter offers cool evenings and pleasant days.
    • I was with the president of a Penn State campus in China, his closest celebrity look-alike is Bill Cosby, when we were in tourist areas people would pull on him in the exact same way they do on the characters in Disneyworld.
    • A great new item, sure to please comics fans and collectors alike is the Mignola-inspired, Hellboy figure packaged with a new hardcover digest-size edition of Seed of Destruction that features an all-new cover by Mike Mignola!