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What is the meaning of alienation in Hindi?

Meaning of alienation in Hindi is : हस्तान्तरित करण

Definition of word alienation

  • The act of alienating. (noun)

Examples of word alienation

  • In psychology, sociology, and cultural criticism the term alienation would be popularized primarily by Jewish thinkers.
  • Disassociation between the claimed goal and actual actions is obvious; hence, maybe the term alienation is proper for the occasion.
  • To use the term alienation is too soft a word now.
  • Then there was what he calls her "alienation of Asian partners" and a terrible lack of communication skills which I must confess I agree with, having watched a recent interview done with her on YouTube.
  • Poizner is using illegal immigration, what I call the alienation factor in the GOP race, to continue pressing his new advantage against Whitman.
  • Since Tom's going to be at the top of the GOP target list in 2010, he really can't afford to alienate his supporters, and the fastest road to alienation is getting involved in the primary.
  • These people retreat to an electronic nether world were their frustration and social alienation is manifested in this weird attention seeking behavior …
  • You can read it as a study in modern alienation from the self, a portrait of a world full of perpetual travelers without a compass, who may come from any faith.