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What is the meaning of albeit in Hindi?

Meaning of albeit in Hindi is : हालांकि

Definition of word albeit

  • Despite its being; although. (conjunction)

Examples of word albeit

  • Admittedly, the folks who vet potential judicial nominees have had other things to do, but the Bush folks were also preparing for a potential Supreme Court nomination early in their term albeit one that did not materialize.
  • I'm appalled by the damage she is doing to her profession and her own reputation as a journalist - a term albeit used lightly in the realm of sports.
  • It was ‘Now’ magazine, and the article was ‘Hot or Not?’ and showed pictures of various celebrities and the readers were invited to judge what they thought of them, albeit from the comfort of wherever the magazine was being read.
  • Then came this concurrence from George Will's column on Sunday -- albeit from the opposite direction.
  • The much-hyped Fifth Summit of the Americas is now over, culminating with the Hemispheric leaders 'adoption of the Declaration of Commitment of Port of Spain - albeit with one signatory - the Prime Minister of host country Trinidad and Tobago, who purportedly signed on behalf of all participating leaders.
  • Let us celebrate and encourage the powers that be, that they are finally doing the right thing albeit is amateurish at best.
  • This question bothers me, albeit from a different perspective.
  • I have a disturbing and growing sense that ‘change’ may indeed come – albeit from the thus far ‘quiet, normal and obeying’ citizens who are growing ever more fed up with the folly and legislative traps of the Legal Class – of which the story of Paul Clarke is but one example.