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What is the meaning of aken in Hindi?

Meaning of aken in Hindi is :

Definition of word aken

  • To bear, give birth to. (Usually in past participle.) (verb)
    सहन करना, जन्म देना। (आमतौर पर पिछले कृदंत में।)

Examples of word aken

  • Spectators of a car race in Brazil on Sunday were t aken off guard when the bleacher they were sitting in collapsed.
  • "[T] aken as a whole, cogent piece of work, Paris makes an underwhelming survey of the state of the art house - nothing here even whiffs at the rarified abjection found in Antonioni's segment in 1953's similarly conceived, Rome-set L'Amore in citta," writes Nick Pinkerton at indieWIRE.
  • Everybody -- they represent -- they represented the whole federation, all four provinces and as aken schmear (ph) and they asked me to do this.
  • Napamahal na sa aken ng todo-todo ang bansang iyon.
  • Sõitsin läbi linna uue punase Fiat Pandaga, aken natuke lahti, mängimas Viva L'Italia.
  • "Hmm. It is a matter of paying a little less attention to what she says and more to the tone of her voice and the look in her eyes, the way she moves," Sit-aken-te explained.
  • Surely Sit-aken-te would stare at her in uncomprehending astonishment.
  • The lily pads moved a little as Sit-aken-te shrugged.
  • Only Sit-aken-te was there, and the lanky young woman waved languidly at Peri from where she was immersed up to her neck in cool water.
  • "So have others, on both sides," Sit-aken-te pointed out with justification.