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What is the meaning of ait in Hindi?

Meaning of ait in Hindi is :

Definition of word ait

  • An island in a river, especially the River Thames in England. (noun)

Examples of word ait

  • With them, though the term aitía was employed, and even occasionally in several of the senses in which Aristotle later distinguished it, the commoner term was arché, with which the former was apparently generally interchangeable.
  • Chacun voudrait que son voisin ait un peu de conscience, mais personne n'en veut pour soi-même.
  • "Sed ne illud quidem," ait, "quisquam negabit bonum esse omne quod iustum est contraque quod iniustum est malum."
  • "Ex his enim," ait, "quae concessa sunt, euenit eorum quidem qui uel sunt uel in possessione uel in prouectu uel in adeptione uirtutis, omnem quaecumque sit bonam, in improbitate uero manentibus omnem pessimam esse fortunam."
  • "Si igitur cognitor," ait, "resideres, cui supplicium inferendum putares, eine qui fecisset an qui pertulisset iniuriam?"
  • Orto deinde murmure "Non efficietis," ait, "ut solutos verear quos alligatos adduxi."
  • Jacko bounded like a piece of indiarubber on to Gurney's head; next moment he was clinging to the edge of the mainsail, and the next he was comfortably seated on the top of the mast, where he proceeded calmly and leisurely to "ait" the biscuit in the face of its exasperated and rightful owner.