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What is the meaning of air in Hindi?

Meaning of air in Hindi is : हाव भाव

Definition of word air

  • The atmospheric substance above the surface of the earth which animals breathe, formerly considered to be a single substance, one of the four basic elements of ancient philosophy and one of the five basic elements of Eastern traditions. (noun)
    पृथ्वी की सतह के ऊपर का वायुमंडलीय पदार्थ जिसमें जानवर सांस लेते हैं, जिसे पहले एक ही पदार्थ माना जाता था, प्राचीन दर्शन के चार बुनियादी तत्वों में से एक और पूर्वी परंपराओं के पांच बुनियादी तत्वों में से एक।
  • To bring (something) into contact with the air, so as to freshen or dry it. (verb)
    (किसी चीज को) हवा के संपर्क में लाना, ताकि उसे तरोताजा या सुखा सके।

Examples of word air

    • I have computed it, using 1.406 for the ratio of the specific heat of air at constant pressure to that at constant volume, 491. 13° F. as the temperature of melting ice above the zero of the _air_ thermometer, 26,214 feet for the height of a homogeneous atmosphere, and 0.2375 for the specific heat of air, and I find, by means of these constants, 778.
    • "To visitation of the impassive air," is a sonorous verse; but it is not Dante's verse, unless _all detached_ means _on every side is open to visitation_, and _impassive air_ means
    • This cylinder gives its full volume of air, and apparently a little more at times, because the air is admitted by a concentrated inlet in which free _air is always moving in one direction_.
    • After about the year 1790, it was necessary to think of combustions in the air as combinations of a particular gas, or _air_, with the burning substances, or some portions of them.
    • Of the 1588 rooms 441 were dark, with no ventilation to the outer air except through other rooms; 635 rooms gave upon twilight “air shafts.
    • The quantity of air taken in with a single inspiration in quiet breathing (_tidal air_) is about 20-30 cubic inches.
    • When trustees and patrons realize that pure air is absolutely essential to health, and that their children are being slowly poisoned by the foul air of school rooms, then they will construct our halls of learning with a due regard for the laws of hygiene, and students will not droop under their tasks on account of the absence of Nature's most bountiful gift, _pure air_.
    • It appears that they had long contemplated, with philosophical interest, the floating and ascent of clouds in the air, and when they heard of or read Cavendish's theories in regard to _different kinds of air_, it at once struck them that by enclosing some gas lighter than the atmosphere in a bag, a weight might be raised from the earth into the air.
    • 'Ef you want to know,' sez he, 'open your winder of a mornin' et ary season, and you'll larn thet the best of perfooms is jest fresh air, _fresh air_, 'sez he, emphysizin', 'athout no mixtur.
    • This was further proved by making the interval in air 0.8 of an inch whilst muriatic acid gas was in the vessel _a_; for on charging the small balls _s_ and S positively, _all_ the discharge took place through the _air_; but on charging them negatively, _all_ the discharge took place through the