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What is the meaning of ain't in Hindi?

Meaning of ain't in Hindi is :

Definition of word ain't

  • are not, aren’t; is not, isn’t; am not. (phrase)
    नहीं हैं, नहीं हैं; नहीं है, नहीं है; मैं नहीं।

Examples of word ain't

  • I bet there are real voices in her head warning her to make sure Sasha's hair is combed, or that Malia doesn't have ashy elbows or avoid using the term ain't in a sentence!
  • Perhaps James and Wade really weren't celebrating after Wade's three-pointer and perhaps in their mutual stare expressed their understanding that, to quote Yogi Berra again, it ain't over till it's over -- and that they needed, more than ever, to be focused and mentally tough and keep clawing like they were being by 15 points.
  • It ain't over till the fat lady sings - or in this case - till the checks clear.
  • Dodd you lying, cheating sack of crap, are going down and you can invoke Ted Kennedy all you want, "ain't gonna help ya".
  • Bet the media ain't bringing that up to show this confederate flag defender is nothing but a scum bag ....
  • Her resentments toward the industry are apparent on last year's leak, "Hollywood," in which she sings: "Mother always told me, 'Jo, be careful, everything that glitters ain't gold," and later urges, "Don't sell your soul to have what someone had yesterday."
  • Rebecca Nicholson"You ain't heard nothin' yet," proclaimed Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer in 1927, heralding the end of the silent era in movie-making.
  • "There ain't no sheriff in this town, or at least there will not be for at least another six months," said Barclays Capital analyst Paul Horsnell .
  • Unless, of course, lining the Dems pockets with legal fees is the real reason we Dems exist, ain't it Mr. Prez?