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What is the meaning of aid in Hindi?

Meaning of aid in Hindi is : साह्म

Definition of word aid

  • Help; assistance; succor, relief. (noun)
  • The person who promotes or helps in something being done; a helper; an assistant. (noun)
  • Something which helps; a material source of help. (noun)
  • A historical subsidy granted to the crown by Parliament for an extraordinary purpose, such as a war effort (noun)
  • An exchequer loan. (noun)
  • A pecuniary tribute paid by a vassal to his feudal lord on special occasions. (noun)
  • An aide-de-camp, so called by abbreviation (noun)
  • To (give) support (to); to further the progress of; to help; to assist. (verb)

Examples of word aid

  • Think it is about time Tony Snow resigned because he has provided “aid and comfort to our enem..strike that..aid and comfort to the democrats.”
  • It testified to a hearty belief that there should be institutions well equipped in which provision should be made for the higher education of those called to leadership, as preachers, teachers, etc. It especially called attention to the opinion that the _gifts of the North in aid of educational work_ in the South should proceed _upon lines of intelligence, equality and discriminating selection, and that great care should be taken by the people of the South in authorizing appeals for outside aid_.
  • Just a week after announcing plans to repay $45 billion in aid from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), the nation's largest lender said Wednesday it had cut a check to the government for the full amount.
  • Disturbingly, NONE of the promised 1.15 billion in aid from the U.S. has materialized.
  • Since 1949 Israel has received $106 billion dollars in aid from the US.


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