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What is the meaning of ah in Hindi?

Meaning of ah in Hindi is : विस्मय

Definition of word ah

  • ampere-hour (unit of charge). (abbreviation)
    एम्पीयर-घंटा (प्रभारी की इकाई)।
  • see ah. (interjection)
    देखो आह।

Examples of word ah

    • Oh yeah, that was for sure, Ah couldnae be sitting on no coach straight, could Ah? Suppose we got caught in traffic and Ah was trapped and strung out?
    • "Ah told ye t 'git out, didn't Ah?" demanded the mountaineer in a strained voice.
    • Ah ain 'nev' ast yo ', has Ah? All Ah does is to hole Cato so he won't chaw yo' laig off when yo 'come botherin' me to please 'low yo' to hulp me, -- das all Ah do.
    • "But that don 'mat-ter - Ah's heah, ain't Ah? But how'd you git out o' that scrape - why, honey, Ah nevuh thought to see you 'live again!
    • But there is one named for ah-joo-mahs, what I call the Ah-joo-mah Afro – super short cut, permed hair, poufed out into a soft afro, and no matter if the ah-joo-mah is 45 or 85, her entire head of hair is jet black.
    • So he did not notice that he had omitted the final letter in Ah Chow's name.
    • Borrow it from the library. fireplace As you can imagine, I get this a lot. reaction paper of my girl movie by macaulay culkin Ah, the old "i want someone to do my homework for me" search.