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What is the meaning of agony in Hindi?

Meaning of agony in Hindi is : सन्ताप

Definition of word agony

Examples of word agony

  • There were the canonizations of nine saints, ranging from Juan Diego of Mexico to the little-known Pauline of the Heart of Jesus in Agony, keeping up a pace of saint-making that had led Ratzinger to suggest that John Paul was canonizing profligately.
  • Bowing to the Future: Podcast: Yours Truly in Agony
  • Bowing to the Future: Podcast: Yours Truly in Agony (Again)
  • Jackie herself also has an article entitled The Agony and the Ecstasy.
  • Older Delinquents title The Agony of Jimmy Quinlan description Homeless alcoholic "derelicts" featured in this documentary from 1970s Montreal.
  • The long way back to barracks, dragging an invisible man called Agony whose heavy hands were clamped upon a broken foot.
  • Agony, that is the word-agony unexpressed and inexpressible-agony unrelieved and unrelievable by any earthly power.