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What is the meaning of aged in Hindi?

Meaning of aged in Hindi is : वृ्द्ध

Definition of word aged

  • Old. (adjective)
  • Old people, collectively. (noun)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of age. (verb)
  • Having the age of. (preposition)

Examples of word aged

  • "I've never heard the term aged news," said Mr. Berke, giving off an air of superiority, even if it was a feeble attempt at being funny.
  • Laura Robson won the title aged 14 years and four months, this year sees her enter the women's competition as the youngest ever competitor at 15 years and four months.
  • "It doesn't matter what age you are as long as you are professional, committed and focused," said Mansell, who won his title aged 39 and competed in Formula One until he was 41.
  • "It wouldn't surprise me if Michael challenged for another world championship," Britain's 1992 champion Nigel Mansell, who won his title aged 39, said at the weekend.
  • WHITFIELD: And even the cardinal was rather candid about what he calls the aged and conservative meeting of Vatican officials and other cardinals in Rome, and that he despite any sort of hurdle that he's now encountering, he is committed to the church and he is committed to work tirelessly toward helping others find some truth and restore trust in the Catholic Church.
  • Of course, becoming middle aged is not all plain sailingthere are disappointments and bitter griefs.
  • Loux: A great appeal for writing the Salt Water Taffy series for the all-aged is that in a lot of ways it frees me from the expectations Indie comic artists often have to do serious or emotionally challenging stories.
  • I'm a man of a certain aged prostate with some traditional male Urologist experience.