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What is the meaning of after in Hindi?

Meaning of after in Hindi is : होड़ी होड़ा

Definition of word after

Examples of word after

  • The title "After the Fall" doesn't give us much comfort.
  • On the way to her house, we passed what she called the After School Rape Hut.
  • Stosur Captures the Title After a Williams Outburst
  • Meg Roussos for The New York Times Mr. Berke is running as a member of what he calls the After Party.
  • Listed as a philosopher, she employs history, theology and sociology in After Writing: On the Liturgical Consummation of Philosophy in demonstrating both the brilliance of the medieval liturgical and cultural synthesis and the inadequacy of that forged in the Sixties.
  • We completed special effects in After Effects shot-by-shot.
  • Apollo 11 Before and After is the next entry in this blog.
  • The always-stylish actress, now appearing on Broadway in After Miss Julie, recently toted Katherine Kwei's fringed Joyce bag while out in Manhattan. $625 at Lunaboston. com.