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What is the meaning of affront in Hindi?

Meaning of affront in Hindi is : स्म्मुख अपमान करना

Definition of word affront

  • To insult intentionally, especially openly. (verb)
    जानबूझकर अपमान करना, खासकर खुले तौर पर।
  • An open or intentional offense, slight, or insult. (noun)
    एक खुला या जानबूझकर अपराध, मामूली, या अपमान।

Examples of word affront

    • The U.S. hid the operation from Pakistan for fear that the raid plans would leak to militants, but the unilateral action brought protests from Pakistani leaders over what they called an affront to their sovereignty.
    • The affront is the point here, these sorts of bills are almost exclusively written by people who want the RKBA destroyed.
    • This is a plain affront to the intent of Congress when they passed FISA (and, ironically in the AH case, Congress would have gladly amended FISA had the administration proposed it).
    • The affront is said to have taken place in the "Iron Blood Bulletin Board Community."
    • Perhaps the biggest affront is to the music and lyrics of Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh.
    • (That many Christians find even the existance of atheist an intolerable intellectual affront is shown by the common reaction to that quote, which reads it as teaching atheism (it doesn't) and attacking theism (which again, it does not).)
    • This affront is exacerbated by the fact that he was in Cabo which the rich Gringos and Mexicans have appropriated from the locals for their sybaritic pleasures while the Mexican laborers who work to support the infrastructure of their exclusionary compounds live in distant tarpaper shacks because the Mexican government has not seen fit to force developers to provide decent housing for workers.