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What is the meaning of afflux in Hindi?

Meaning of afflux in Hindi is : वाहोत्थान

Definition of word afflux

  • an upward rush of fluid (noun)

Examples of word afflux

  • There is a huge afflux of new information in human genetics and epigenetics.
  • And would not quickness of sensation be an inconvenience to an animal that must lie still where chance has once placed it, and there receive the afflux of colder or warmer, clean or foul water, as it happens to come to it?
  • When you have carried the bandage twice or thrice round at the seat of the fracture, it is to be carried upward, so that the afflux of blood into it may be stopped, and the bandage should terminate there, and the first bandages ought not to be long.
  • In the latter instances, all afflux of nutriment and heat being prevented by the ligature, we see the testes and large fleshy tumours dwindle, die, and finally fall off.
  • Second, that the afflux proceeds from the heart, and through the heart by a course from the great veins; for it gets into the parts below the ligature through the arteries, not through the veins; and the arteries nowhere receive blood from the veins, nowhere receive blood save and except from the left ventricle of the heart.
  • And then, wherefore is there neither swelling nor repletion of the veins, nor any sign or symptom of attraction or afflux, above the ligature?
  • Besides, the ligature is competent to occasion the afflux in question without either pain, or heat, or a vacuum.
  • He felt within him sources of suffering so numerous, diverse, and complicated, such an afflux of miseries, such inevitable tortures, he felt so lost, so far overwhelmed, from this moment, by a wave of unimaginable agony that he could not suppose anyone ever had suffered as he did.
  • Well! there are a certain number of organs which are vitiated by their lack, by their constitution, others which are vitiated by an excess of afflux.