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What is the meaning of affluence in Hindi?

Meaning of affluence in Hindi is : समृद्धि

Definition of word affluence

  • An abundant flow or supply. (noun)
    प्रचुर मात्रा में प्रवाह या आपूर्ति।

Examples of word affluence

  • Lower than average taxes and higher than average economic freedoms have produced through exponential growth a nation so awash in affluence our biggest problems are obesity, smoking, and car accidents and our political discussion revolve around how to dole out care for these diseases of affluence.
  • Perhaps it has something to do with herding behavior: buying increasingly larger houses, expensive cars, and other trappings of affluence is what most people seem to do - after all, it represents the American Dream.
  • It also alludes to the idea of affluence, and the disordering effect of affluence is one of the ideas of the book, too.
  • Stories crop up of "rich" homes being looted and trashed when left unattended, particularly in places such as the Lake Chapala area where the mark of gringo affluence is starkly visible to anyone driving or walking along some streets.
  • I would have no problem recasting this in that way but affluence is not evenly spread between the States nor between the political parties.
  • My affluence is not related to their suffering as if there are resources just laying around for the lazy poor to go pick up.
  • Americans have deep social problems, proving that affluence is no cure for same.
  • Yes, the responsibility of affluence is great indeed.
  • We know that the present world population of about three billion people is living, whether in affluence or hardship, due to the efforts of an active population of approximately one billion.