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What is the meaning of affiliation in Hindi?

Meaning of affiliation in Hindi is : स‌ंम्बद्ध किया जाना

Definition of word affiliation

  • The relationship resulting from affiliating one thing with another. (noun)

Examples of word affiliation

  • The label affiliation has been creatively advantageous; through Lost Highway he has met various collaborators, including several of the songwriters who share credits on "Pass It Around."
  • With Skeletons, set for release in the first quarter of 2010, Hawthorne Heights has moved on, aided in part by a new label affiliation, Wind-Up Records, home of Creed, Seether and Evanescence.
  • Where party affiliation is concerned, Latinos register as Democrats by significant margins -- traditionally two to one.
  • But for someone who was state AG just a year ago, I doubt his affiliation is forgotten.
  • Given his status and having been rather easily elected initially, before the picadillos came out and he was forced to resign, so his party affiliation is rather well known to the readers of both newspapers.
  • McKenna: Historically, the language of affiliation comes from the practice of outsourcing to subcontractor or subsidiary.
  • So for example in a state where race might be a protected criteria but political affiliation is not, it may be easier to deny service at a restaurant to, say, members of the Libertarian Party, than to deny service to members of the Black Panther party, or members of the Aryan Nations (because in both cases race is closely tied to the political affiliation).
  • Specter switched his political affiliation from the Republican to Democratic party in late April.