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What is the meaning of affectionate in Hindi?

Meaning of affectionate in Hindi is : स्नेही

Definition of word affectionate

  • Having affection or warm regard; loving; fond. (adjective)
  • To show affection to; to have affection for. (verb)

Examples of word affectionate

    • "Half the trouble is the stupidity of the whites," said Roberts, pausing to take a swig from his glass and to curse the Samoan bar-boy in affectionate terms.
    • First Impression: Daphne is described as an affectionate and nonjudgmental confidante who has tall, model-like looks and lots of patience.
    • A comparison with Jane Austen's early work springs to mind, because Austen began her literary career at much the same age nearly a century earlier, with Love and Freindship [sic] and other exercises in affectionate parody.
    • The long-term affectionate supportive bonds that develop throughout this long childhood with the mother, with the brothers and sisters, and which can last through a lifetime, which may be up to 60 years.
    • And in affectionate mischief he would stay the half-hour through before marshalling his flock back to "The Corner."