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What is the meaning of affected in Hindi?

Meaning of affected in Hindi is : बनावटी

Definition of word affected

  • influenced or changed by something (adjective)
  • Someone affected, as by a disease. (noun)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of affect. (verb)

Examples of word affected

  • That someone could die simply from hearing his name affected him so deeply that he changed his life completely, gave up everything destructive, and became a monk.
  • This section shall not be construed to prohibit a person whose resignation from office has become effective from qualifying as a candidate for another office during the unexpired portion of the term affected by the resignation, nor shall it apply to any incumbent elective officer who seeks re-election to the same office or to any other public office during the final year of the term to which he has been so elected.
  • English, and after exchanging a few sentences with M. Vansittart, he cried, "Tiens! mais c'est un petit Francais;" but the other boys laughed so unmercifully at what they termed my affected accent, that in self-defence I adopted an ultra-British pronunciation, made intentional mistakes, and, in order to conform to type, punctiliously addressed our venerable instructor as
  • He's using this term 'affected' to cloud the interpretation.
  • Technology now touching almost every aspect and sphere of life the one this has considerably affected is the world of gambling.
  • The need to do something constructive for those personally affected is overwhelming.