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What is the meaning of affable in Hindi?

Meaning of affable in Hindi is : सुशील

Definition of word affable

  • Receiving others kindly and conversing with them in a free and friendly manner; friendly, courteous, sociable. (adjective)
    दूसरों का स्वागत करना और उनके साथ स्वतंत्र और मैत्रीपूर्ण तरीके से बातचीत करना; मिलनसार, विनम्र, मिलनसार।

Examples of word affable

  • Earp was fond of using the word affable when describing his friend to others.
  • With Mr. Thompson's exit, PayPal loses what former colleagues describe as an affable and skilled negotiator just as the new initiative was nearing the finish line.
  • That setup may sound dark for the man who prior to "Breaking Bad" was best known as the affable dad Hal on Fox's long-running sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle."
  • In profiles, Mr. Athey was called affable and well-liked among legislators.
  • He had the nickname "Czar Cannon," quite a bit different, Wolf, from Hastert, who is known as the affable coach.
  • He seemed solitary; his manner was very unpretending - too simple to be termed affable; rather timid than proud: he did not condescend to their society - he seemed glad of it.
  • "My buddy does a lot of business over there and some of the factories asked him to visit," recalls the affable Arkansan.
  • According to folks who followed Huckabee's career in Arkansas, that 'affable' face he's showing to the press these days can disappear pretty fast.
  • You hire someone who is kind of affable and, you know, and trustworthy.
  • CARVILLE: Well, I think that the -- the House leadership -- I think the House leadership, I think that Cantor comes across as a kind of affable guy.