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What is the meaning of aegis in Hindi?

Meaning of aegis in Hindi is : संरक्षण

Definition of word aegis

  • A mythological shield associated with Zeus and Athena shown as a short cloak consisting of a goatskin. The aegis of Athena is usually shown with a border of snakes and with the head of Medusa in the center. The aegis is more an emblem of protection and power than an actual military shield. (noun)

Examples of word aegis

  • (Athena's shield or "aegis" is decorated with the head of Medusa, the perfect image to paralyze the enemy.)
  • The extraordinary successes Israelis have demonstrated through a nearly peerless intellectual aegis is something all of us must learn from, particularly within the surrounding region.
  • BoB says: looking at patriot act, Google “lil Red Book” get harassed due to their College work? while aei boobs from bohemia run the state dept freely? and that atta was known of well before 9/11? that many have died. that millions have been lied for what, political ideology? while ignoring other issues for your greed neo-kooks what have you done? that 8 billion was “lost in IRAQ” that aegis is shooting at civilians? that more billions have been lost? that Halliburton has engorged itself? mercenaries?
  • The dreams in my aegis are the dreams of fulfillment in a very absolute sense of the word.