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What is the meaning of adviser in Hindi?

Meaning of adviser in Hindi is : सलाहकार/सलाह देनेवाला

Definition of word adviser

  • One who advises. (noun)
    एक जो सलाह देता है।

Examples of word adviser

  • The ˜adviser™ is simply in a position to supplant the child's choice as to what is best for herself with her own choice as her adviser.
  • John McCain's former presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt is the latest McCain adviser to cry foul over accusations Sarah Palin has penned in her yet to be released memoir "Going Rogue."
  • "Serving as national security adviser is one of the most difficult jobs in government," Obama said.
  • As Democrats on Capitol Hill are trying to avoid a brewing intra-party battle over treatment of abortion in health care reform legislation, a top presidential adviser is reiterating that President Obama remains opposed to legislation that contains language preferred by more conservative Democrats in Congress.
  • Madden, the Romney spokesman, said: I've never met a voter who walked into a voting booth and pulled a lever for a candidate because they have a certain adviser as part of their campaign team.
  • President Obama's promotion of Thomas E. Donilon on Friday to the post of national security adviser is an acknowledgment that the administration is entering a phase in which domestic political considerations will press more forcefully on foreign policy decisions.
  • And the WH adviser is wrong, we will remember the mess, especially since part of the mess will be the reform itself.