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What is the meaning of advisable in Hindi?

Meaning of advisable in Hindi is : लाभकार

Definition of word advisable

  • Worthy of being recommended; desirable. (adjective)
    सिफारिश के योग्य; वांछित।

Examples of word advisable

  • First, about the need to use your Carleton email account (which I hope my email to the CCS Service Desk will facilitate its functionality): It is advisable from a representational viewpoint, when conducting university business, to use the email from that business entity, and, we, as an institution, have negotiated with the Ontario Privacy Office that we will conduct business from our Carleton email accounts because email is not a secure medium.
  • Fifth, A liberality, when advisable, which is only possible to those who also economize.
  • The next opportunity, however, was given away to the son of a political supporter; it was "advisable" to do this, and the Duke had to consider what was advisable.
  • She said it would be "advisable" for the government to make significant revisions to funding earmarked for financial-sector bailout.
  • Section forty-two of chapter seventy-one of the General Laws, as amended by chapter one hundred and twenty-three of the acts of nineteen hundred and thirty-four, is hereby further amended by inserting after the word "advisable" in the twenty-seventh line the following sentence: — In case a decrease in the number of pupils in the schools of a town renders advisable the dismissal of one or more teachers, a teacher who is serving at the discretion of a school com - mittee under section forty-one shall not be dismissed if there is a teacher not serving at discretion whose position the teacher serving at discretion is qualified to fill.
  • As far as is practical, it would be advisable to have elderly servants only in families, and the young should be employed wholly in agrestic and other manual labours.
  • Although a dog can live on cat food alone unlike cats and a lifetime of dog foods, it's not considered advisable.
  • In this present time where in Online marketing and blogging had been a phenomenon, it is really advisable to think of new ways on how your site will attract visitors, making your site attractive and its content interesting will be very helpful for you
  • "Notwithstanding occasional spells of credit-market pressure, further incremental monetary policy tightening is advisable to ensure inflation moderates and to prevent inflationary expectations becoming unanchored," the report said.