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What is the meaning of advent in Hindi?

Meaning of advent in Hindi is : यशूक्रीस्त का आगमन

Definition of word advent

  • Coming; coming to; approach; arrival. (noun)
    अ रहे है; आ रहा है; पहुंचना; आगमन।

Examples of word advent

  • (The word "advent" comes from the Latin word that means
  • Even in advent, we usually try and find time during the evening to light candles and sing a song or two.
  • To await its advent is to adopt a policy of indefinite drift, and possibly lose an opportunity that may never be so favourable again.
  • No; social intercourse may be long in coming, but its advent is sure; the mischief is already done.
  • Zerubbabel's kingdom was not independent and settled; also all the prophets end their prophecies with Messiah, whose advent is the cure of all previous disorders.
  • As Jehovah's advent is glorious to His people, so it is terrible to His foes. burning coals -- Ps 18: 8 favors English Version.
  • Highlights of this title The advent of VoiceXML, the open standard for IVR and next-generation IVR platforms, is helping businesses to re-evaluate the strategic value of IVR in the enterprise.
  • Hence His human nature could not [4151] be understood, prior to the consummation of those things which had been predicted, that is, the advent of Christ.
  • Until, that is, the advent of Minimalism, an ethos so certain of its rightness, both aesthetic and historic, that it stands in the causeway of late 20th-century art as the most intractable of obstacles.