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What is the meaning of advance in Hindi?

Meaning of advance in Hindi is : सुझाव देना

Definition of word advance

  • To bring forward; to move towards the van or front; to make to go on. (verb)
    आगे ले जाने के लिये; वैन या सामने की ओर बढ़ना; जारी रखने के लिए।
  • A forward move. (noun)
    एक आगे की चाल।
  • Completed before need or a milestone event. (adjective)
    आवश्यकता या मील के पत्थर की घटना से पहले पूरा हुआ।

Examples of word advance

  • £¨attitude£©£¬ adult£¬ adulthood£¬ in advance£¬ advance = promote£¬ take advantage of
  • Preparing for the Olympic Games well in advance is a good idea as many visitors will use the internet to research and plan their stay in London.
  • Having the permit in advance is well worth the cost in peace of mind, not having to deal with a long line or worry about some unexpected bureacratic "problem". gervais
  • Your buying back of the bond in advance is the same as levying payroll taxes this year and paying a future SS payment now, 30 years in advance.
  • Forcing banks to raise a lot of equity capital in advance is one fix, but that has its costs, as it could dilute the value of existing investors 'shares.
  • How much I know in advance is largely dependent, I find, on the length of the work.
  • - A $15 fee in advance is required for each story submission.