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What is the meaning of adown in Hindi?

Meaning of adown in Hindi is : नीचे की ओर

Definition of word adown

  • down, downward; to or in a lower place. (adverb)
  • down (preposition)

Examples of word adown

    • The adverb describing a descent from the hill, "off the down", ofdūne, turned into adown and eventually became our adverb down.
    • Let's hope he slows adown and gives his readers more of his best.
    • The wheels go round without a sound -- The maidens hold high revel; In sinful mood, insanely gay, True spinsters spin adown the way From duty to the devil!
    • And tear-floods course adown the cheeks they only scald;
    • “An erne methought came in,” she says, “and swept adown the hall, and drenched me and all of us with blood, and ill shall that betoken, for methought it was the double of King Atli.”
    • The tears were running adown his cheeks, out of fear for his life and grief for his separation from Zau al-Makan; and he was saying to himself,
    • For now that I have at last released me from my quarrel with your father, I let the tear-drops stream adown my tender cheek.
    • Dear friend, my tears aye flow these cheeks adown, iii.
    • Some few drifted far adown the stream, as did befit their weariness.