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What is the meaning of adoration in Hindi?

Meaning of adoration in Hindi is : भक्ति

Definition of word adoration

  • An act of religious worship. (noun)

Examples of word adoration

  • Horace does not say that he adores Lalage; Tibullus does not adore Delia; nor is even the term adoration to be found in Petronius.
  • The Count de Beaunoir still continues to be particular, in what he calls his adoration of me; but his tone and style are too romantic to authorize me in any serious remonstrance.
  • O Lord, to kneel in adoration before Yourdivinity incarnate in this world.
  • The blind adoration is getting old, he's the leader of the free world, not a rockstar.
  • So one network out of all of them has the audacity not to fall in adoration at his feet.