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What is the meaning of adopt in Hindi?

Meaning of adopt in Hindi is : स्वीकार करना

Definition of word adopt

  • To take by choice into relationship, as, child, heir, friend, citizen, etc. (verb)
    पसंद से रिश्ते में लेने के लिए, जैसे, बच्चे, वारिस, दोस्त, नागरिक, आदि।

Examples of word adopt

  • So that it cannot be denied that we may treat the Rebel States as _enemies_, and adopt all measures against them _which any belligerents engaged in a just war may adopt_.
  • Are not the United States now _free_ to adopt such measures as an independent nation may _justly adopt_ in defense of its _rights and honor_?
  • Before long, the two adopt a code word for "all things romantic": dowsing, borrowed from a barely coherent rant by Vanessa's alcoholic mother about her family's gift for finding water underground.
  • The spirit we ought to adopt is to look for the best, and not for faults and failings.
  • Much of the book is dull: and Fathom's conversation is (to adopt a cant word) extremely unconvincing.
  • Why would we adopt a Latin word meaning baby to describe what we already know is a baby in formation?
  • Failing that, they'll imply that the only reason gays and lesbians want to adopt is so we can recruit more kids into the Radical Homosexual Agenda, which presumably includes hard-core redecorating and secular-humanist brunching.
  • I can only imagine that it might be heightened if one was to adopt from a country like Guatemala or India where baby stealing is alleged if not proven in a handful of cases.
  • The plainness that many NOB women adopt is viewed by city women here as somewhat odd.