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What is the meaning of adolescence in Hindi?

Meaning of adolescence in Hindi is : यौवन

Definition of word adolescence

Examples of word adolescence

  • Adolescence is another country, it says, and seen through this lens of hybridised culture, that characteristically American high school society of cliques and coteries seems every bit as role-played as the pirate eye patch Chance wears on his second day of school.
  • Adolescence is often defined as the time when youth separate from their parents.
  • Adolescence is a time of upheaval and impermanence.
  • Adolescence is a challenging time; teens are developing independence while they are still largely dependent on their parents.
  • Adolescence is also the time that young adults begin to see the world realistically for the first time.
  • Adolescence is not something that merely happens to a person, but is something, like death, that a person must do whether he likes it or not and that he can do either well or badly.
  • Adolescence is the moment we come closest to touching ambiguity as a substance, and not just a state of understanding.