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What is the meaning of admonition in Hindi?

Meaning of admonition in Hindi is : शिक्षा

Definition of word admonition

  • Gentle or friendly reproof; counseling against fault or oversight; warning. (noun)

Examples of word admonition

  • "Shun" in the first admonition is harsh and has a christianist overlay, so I would substitute "avoid".
  • The article concludes with an admonition from a psychologist that "We can move people to environmentally friendly behavior by simply telling them what those around them are doing."
  • As the conversation turned to his speech, Mrs. Obama said she thought it was going to be good, a compliment that led to an admonition from the president-elect.
  • What a sober admonition from the remarkable gentleman from Russia.
  • Rosenberg and Feldman illustrate over and over again that the admonition is just as applicable to traffic on the information superhighway.
  • So she journeyed home - gray clad among her flowers, drawn by four hundred hands - home to the cool nave between the long columns that were fingers raised, not in admonition, but in triumphant thanksgiving for mercy, majesty, and glory.